Second Floor Rooms

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Second-Floor Rooms

Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast near Lancaster, PA offers five welcoming and unique second-floor rooms for your Amish Country vacation.

The Clarkson room


The Clarkson Room

Once upon a time, this room was surely one of the warmest in the house, as it was located in what was the summer kitchen in the 1730s… [Read More…]




The Davies room

The Davies Room

A touch of Victorian elegance greets you in this attractive room… [Read More…]





The Griffin room

The Griffin Room

A canopy of lace shrouds the queen size bed in this grand room… [Read More…]





The Jacobs room

The Jacobs Room

Rich, historically accurate colors set the tone of this magnificent high-ceilinged room… [Read More…]





The Griffin room

The Jones Room

A dramatic queen-sized English Manor style bed sits in the middle of this high-ceilinged period wallpapered room… [Read More…]




“From the first greeting by Gracie to our departure, we were treated as family …you create a great atmosphere of warmth. Good info on the area and history. Better road guidance than Garmin! The room has authenticity of the period; clean, comfortable and quaint.” ~ Bob A.

“There is an interesting story about the bathroom door in the Griffin Room. You can just see Senator Davies holding meeting is the combination of the Davies and Griffin Rooms.” ~ Thom S.

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