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Gift Baskets at the Churchtown Inn

“True Romance Gift Package”
Treat yourselves to an extra-special getaway experience at Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast. Our “True Romance” package will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive. We’ll set the stage, and you set the mood!  You’ll find a vase of fresh-cut flowers.  Once you discover the half-pound box of Churchtown Inn fudge, you’ll know why our guests love the 4th course of our famous four course breakfast! A Lancaster County Favorite, a waxed block of award-winning September Farm Cheese with crackers for you to enjoy with a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, Asti Spumante or Sparkling Cider complete with flutes.  Plus there’s a gift box of Churchtown Inn Bayberry soaps or Fresh Goat Milk Soap for you to take home.   All items are delivered to your room in a reusable keepsake basket.   $75.00   Add $15 to switch out flowers for long stem roses. (For an extra special experience, book an in-room massage,  for both or individual. $80.00 individual or $150.00 per couple).
“Touch of the Inn” Basket 
A pair of Churchtown Mugs, a  two-pound bag of our fresh made soft eleven ingredient granola, one-half pound box of the Inn’s three famous fudges, Bavarian Nut Pastries, our recipe-coveted Swedish Butter cookies, and a box of Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast Soaps.   $70.00
“Can’t Be Bought in a Store” Basket 
It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Homemade Amish bread, fresh canned peaches, peanut butter spread, homemade strawberry freezer jam in season,  a jar of pickles or chow-chow and a two pound bag of  Churchtown Inn’s exclusive Amish granola, all made by Amish or Mennonite personal friends of the innkeepers.   $50.00
“Taste of  Lancaster County” Basket 
Shady Maple Smoked Sausage, September Farms Cheese, Sturgis Pretzels, Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn, Amish Mustard, all packed in a basket for an outdoor picnic either while here or at home. $45.00

“Churchtown Breakfast Again and Again” Basket
Take a bit of your memorable Churchtown Inn breakfast home with you! The Breakfast Basket will include a two-pound bag of the scrumptious eleven-ingredient homemade Amish Granola, a one-quart jar of fresh canned peaches, a delicious fresh-baked loaf of Amish Bread with a jar of homemade jelly, and last but not least, Churchtown’s signature pastry: Bavarian Nut Rolls and/or Scone mix.  $48.00

churchtown inn merchandice including granola, coffee mugs, and a grey t-shirt.


8 ounce soup crock
Small crock with lid
$15.00 per piece

Sparking Wine and Flutes $25.00
Sparkling Cider and Flutes $15.00
One Dozen Long Stem Roses $60.00
Chocolate-covered Strawberries $25.00
Personalized Cake for Two $25.00



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