Posted on: March 19, 2015 at 6:18 pm, in

Last weekend we braced the cold and wind and attended the King Street Irish Parade and Block Party. If you think Lancaster is all Amish/Mennonite and “only farmland with no nite life or party fun,” you are amazingly mistaken. Although the festival was outdoors and gated, two great Irish food and music venues were easily accessible and we hopped in and out of both. Crowded, but not overly so, all the venues offered fine Irish Beer, a good assortment of Irish and not so Irish music, and lots of delicious comfort food. See video clip for examples of the fun.  This weekend, just a few blocks from King Street’s Seisiun, is yet another Irish parade, this one to support Lancaster City Mounted Police.  Weather permitting, we’re headed to Lancaster again this Sunday…if you can make it, join us; we’ll spring for your admission. It’s our way to say, “We Love Lancaster.”  View POUR website for details.