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The Story of our Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Innkeepers Jim and Chris Farr warmly welcome you to the Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast and hope you enjoy your stay in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country!

Both Jim and Chris are Pennsylvania natives: Jim was raised in Philadelphia, and Chris grew up in the nearby suburbs. The couple moved to Abington, PA after they were married where Chris worked as an elementary school teacher, and Jim worked in the retirement planning business for major brokerage companies. Their daughter Stacy, living in the San Francisco Bay area, is an Architectural Historian.  Son, Andrew, is a  physician’s assistant working in Lancaster, PA

Motivated by a life-long interest in travel, Chris pursued a spot in the prestigious Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program and was awarded a one-year position teaching in Birmingham, England in 2003. During that year, Jim vacationed with Chris in Europe as much as possible, and they visited many wonderful places in England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Italy. They fell in love with bed and breakfasts during their travels and began to truly appreciate the way old-fashioned hospitality and local knowledge can make traveling even more enjoyable. Jim and Chris both retired from their professions at about the same time and, never having been the ‘retiring’ type, began looking around saying “What’s next?”

They decided to take a closer look at the innkeeping business and, after searching up and down the East Coast, they discovered Churchtown and the lovely Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast. Won over by the incredibly rich history of the building and the fantastic stories of the inn’s previous owners, they purchased the B&B in September of 2005 and have cherished every moment since.

Both Jim and Chris have found that innkeeping agrees with their natural talents, and guests often praise their efforts. Jim’s history as a storyteller and a showman (ask about his time marching in Philadelphia’s infamous Mummer’s Parade) makes him a natural fit as leader of the inn’s welcoming committee (joined by Gracie, an enthusiastic and friendly Bichon Frise) and house historian. And Chris, who was raised in a big family full of ambitious and creative cooks, continues to expand her culinary mastery, tweaking traditional regional recipes and creating new culinary traditions along the way. Occasionally guests get to meet Jim and Chris’s son Andrew, who lives locally and is also an accomplished chef, as well as their granddaughter Julia, who has, despite her tender age, been known to strap on an apron and pick up an eggbeater if the need arises. A true Farr!

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